How To Change Tumblr URL

The Tumblr URL, known as the Tumblr name or subdomain, is an enigma to most people. At times, you might feel bored with the current address and may want to shake things up a bit. You may want your URL to be synonymous with an image you wish to project to pass a particular message. Below is a two-way guide on how to change Tumblr URL.

1. Use of Tumbler Settings

This method is by far the easiest way possible.

(a) On your browser, type in your URL to access the Tumbler website

(b) Click on the settings icon on the top-right-hand side of the page. The settings icon is the image of gears.

(c) Directly underneath the ‘apps’ tab on the left of the settings window is another tab called ‘untitled,’ Click on it

(d) Delete the old URL from the text box that appears and type in new URL. The system will notify you if the URL name, you just typed, is still available or not.

(e) Hit the ‘save’ option on the top right-hand side of the settings window. There is also a save option at the bottom of the page.

(f) Reload the Page to see whether the changes, you made thus far, have had any effect on the Tumblr settings. If no changes show, restart your browser.

2. Alternative Blog

This process involves the creation of a secondary blog to redirect users.

(a) Create a secondary blog with the same URL as the previous one, to redirect followers from the old blog to the new one.

(b) On the Customize Appearance Tab, Click ‘Edit HTML’.

(c) Delete the whole line of HTML code and type in.This code is standard and always gives the same command.

(d) In the HTML code, replace ‘BRANDNEWURL’ part with the new URL name.

(e) Set the amount of time the URL should take before redirecting users to your new URL. In the HTML array, that says ‘WAIT,’ type in the duration. ’01’ means that the user will wait for a second. ‘10’ indicates that the waiting time is ten seconds. Type a number of your choice, but the duration should be relatively short so that followers do not get bored waiting.

It is important to note that only older Tumblr accounts have the redirect option, so for these accounts, the first method is the only option available. Changing your URL does not lose you any followers. However, you stand to lose any links on the old blog reblogged and bookmarked by followers. Automatic updates will occur in regards to default tumbler pages like the ‘archive’ page, but you will have to update personal links manually.

The importance of a catchy URL needs an emphasis. A good URL grabs the attention of prospective followers just as quickly as a bad one turns them away. Bloggers with good subdomains get far more reblogged than those who do not.

There are two directives on how to change Tumblr URL. The first one is far easier, as earlier indicated. The second is bit challenging and slower. Despite that, it does not require any knowledge of programming or web authoring to effect. It is simply a process of following the steps and making sure the code is as indicated. Syntax is crucial in code. For those who love challenges, the second method will be a good task to take on.