How To Change Username On Tumblr

Tumblr is a popular micro blogging website and social networking website that was founded by David Karp, but currently owned by Yahoo! The website allows users (individuals and companies) to create accounts through which they can share multi-media content like photos or text in the form of short blog posts. The users can also follow other bloggers on the website and get their own followers as well, just like Facebook or the other social networking sites on the internet.

To manage your Tumblr account, everything has to be run through your dashboard.

Since you now know what Tumblr is, or already knew what it is but didn’t like your username by way of outgrowing it, going anonymous or for branding purposes, let’s now see how to change your Tumblr username.

Here are the best steps to change your Tumblr username:

Firstly, visit the Tumblr web page from the web browser you are using (Mozilla, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer) and log in with your personal account details. This method also applies for business accounts.

Secondly, click on the gears icon you see at the top of your personal page. Proceed and locate the “Untitled” which is situated near the left side of the page; click on it. Note that this tab is directly underneath the Apps tab.

From there, you can delete your old URL from the specific text box (this is labeled URL). Depending on what new name you want, type a replacement. Note that only usernames or URLs that aren’t taken yet are available so you should always bank on a name that hasn’t been taken yet. You should also make sure that it should tell other users what you are about in order for you to get traction with followers and reblogs. Once you have done this, continue with the dialogue boxes and click on “save” which is on the right hand side of the dashboard.

Having done this, your new Tumblr name will have been saved.

What Happens After The Username Is Changed?

After you have changed your Tumblr URL, Tumblr will automatically update all of your pages – including all present and past posts. Even after this has been done, you will not lose any data because all your personal settings will be preserved.

The saved changes also cut across and are reflected in your archived posts and this means that changing the username changes everything of your’s on the website.

What About The Links You Used To Have And Your Followers?

Although changing your username gives you a horde or personalization, what happens with your former followers and links that pointed to the former username?

Most experts agree that its best practices for you to create a new account with the former username for ownership purposes. You can use this to redirect people to your new username/location making things smoother for you.

In general, changing your Tumblr username is as easy as you have seen above. All that you have to do is change the settings that you can find on the dashboard in the admin side of Tumblr.