How To Delete A Post On Tumblr

Once you post something on the internet it is out there, and it can be extremely hard to get it back; it can be hard to remove it. This is particularly true for the social networking site Tumblr, which allows you to easily make a post or repost content your friends have posted on your own blog.

It would do well to note that if you delete a post from Tumblr, if will not delete the reblogs of that same content on other sites or the reblogs your friends might have made. It will simply remove it from your account, and so there will still be notes, likes and comments visible from other users where you post has been reblogged.

Hence, ensure that before you post something take the time to think about whether or not you are ok with the post floating around the internet foe years to come.

Now, to delete posts from Tumblr you have two options: delete a single post or delete up to 100 post at the same time.

To delete a single post:

1) Locate the post you want to delete on your Tumblr dashboard or page.

2) A dialogue box will appear and you simply click “Delete“, then confirm you want to delete the post by clicking “OK“.

3) To then attempt to have the post removed where if has been reblogged, locate the users who have reblogged it and ask the courteously to delete it also.
This is the only way to ensure the content is completely removed from the Tumble servers.

Mass delete

This option allows you to delete up to 100 post simultaneously- perfect option for tge avid blogger. Unfortunately however, if you attempt to remove more than that, you will get an automatic warning from Tumblr that you can only delete or edit 100 post maximum each time.

1) To the right of your Tumble dashboard, under your name, click “Posts“.

2) This will then bring up the link “Mass Post Editor“, which you will click.

3) You will then be presented with your posts as tiles. Continue to scroll until about about 100 posts appear on the screen.

4) Copy and paste this code snippet into the URL bar:

It should then automatically select the first 100 posts. Do note however that some browsers might remove the ‘javascript’ at the front of it. Simple double check if you have a problem and if it is not there then retype it.

5) Select “Delete Selected Posts

6) Refresh and repeat steps 1-5 if you need to.


• If the content you have posted is seen to violate Tumblr’s Content Policy, it might be removed by the technical team.
• If you also make a report to the email URL : and the content is found to be spam, has offensive markers, violates copyright or any other guideline it will also be removed.

• For a fee, there are websites such as that provide the service of getting content linked to your name or site, permanent removed from all places on the internet. However, please remember that the right to free speech still does exist on the internet, and Tumblr does allow blogs that snark on or criticize other users.