How To Delete Tumblr

So what is Tumblr? Well, it is a blogging platform which allows people to blog about day to day experiences. Whether it’s about business, hobbies, leisure or just obscure stuff, it can all be accommodated in Tumblr. Tumblr is also used to promote products for sale, showcase one’s online portfolio and even sell things. Many people use this platform since it allows the creation of multiple blogs or feeds all in one account. This means that a single user can create many blogs within the same account. Once in a while, an author may feel the need to delete their Tumblr account. If you are struggling with this, here is how to go about it.

How To Delete Tumblr

Deleting a Tumblr blog

This method is for completely deleting a Tumblr account. First, sign in to the account you would like to delete. Next, go to the delete account page. Confirm that you would like to delete that Tumblr account then the account will be deleted. All of the content is now permanently deleted including secondary blogs and any of the author’s content. This information cannot be recovered.

Deleting a Tumblr blog means that all the account’s contents have permanently disappeared. You can therefore use an email or username that belongs to a deleted Tumblr account to create a new Tumblr account. Settings and content from the deleted account will not be carried over to the newly created account. This proves useful when one wants to rebrand themselves by retaining the same username and email and having different content on Tumblr.

Deleting Tumblr secondary blogs

There are two types of secondary blogs; a personal blog or a group blog. These two have different methods of deleting. When deleting a secondary blog, you have to exit it. If the secondary blog belongs to you and you are the only person who posts in it, you can delete it by going to the Tumblr dashboard and choosing blog settings. From there, click “Delete this blog” to permanently delete the blog and its content. For secondary blogs that belong to a group, every member of the group must leave the group. This is done by going to the Tumblr dashboard then choosing the Members menu then selecting the “Leave this blog” option. If you leave the group blog alone, the secondary blog will not be deleted; it will only be unlinked from your Tumblr account.

How to delete one Tumblr account and not the other

Since Tumblr allows users to create multiple blogs, this allocates each user a primary blog that is associated to their email address. Deleting the primary blog deletes all the other blogs belonging to that user. In case deleting all the blogs is not your intention, you can resign membership to the primary blog. This way, it is removed from the servers and therefore deleted.

How to delete Tumblr through android Tumblr app

Tumblr can also be accessed through the Tumblr android app. Deleting a Tumblr account through the app is not possible. To delete it, you will have to use your personal computer or laptop.

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